Writer/DIRECTOR, Jon Aedyn King

Jon (aka Aedyn Jak) is a writer/director, video artist and painter. In December 2015, he published his debut book, ‘Disquiet Milk’. The book's high-contrast illustrations, parasitic poetry and seething short stories earned it an interview in the Times of Malta. On the wings of that, he published his second book, the modern gothic ‘Magic Rope’ which received a contract with a New York agent in 2017. He wrote and directed his first independent feature film; gothic mystery ‘Case At Riddle Crossing’ in Tennessee in 2014 (produced by Daniel Scates).    Dark comedy, ‘A Mocking Mile Tale’ was his next leap into film as writer/director, produced by Claudia Caccamo and the Malta Film Commission. His writing and directing style exhibits his wicked humour and his unique sense of the macabre. This film was based on a feature script he wrote a few years before ‘The Lights Are On’, which he is looking to produce next.
Jon's YouTube channel ‘jonkingx’ is a mix of short video narratives, tongue n' cheek social commentary and poetry videos which he creates himself. The channel has amassed well over a quarter million views. Besides writing and A/V,  he works as a painter and illustrator, ranging from gothic to surrealism.
Jon has a BA in Psychology & Communications (Malta) and an MA in Film & Digital Image (Sydney). He has spent much time working away from Malta; the US, New Zealand, Brazil and Lithuania, to name a few. He seeks out nature, archaeology and the occasional adrenalin rush. Besides film and audio, he has a keen interest in science-fiction, future theory and the spiritual - all of which filter into his work. Jon is currently finalising his third book ‘PostHuman Blaze’ - a mix of future poetry, illustrations and photography, aimed for release in Autumn 2018.